Zlatna vremena!

Daleko od javnosti, na vodi, tako će uvek biti...

Dobrodišli u klub Pionira!Sada je rani Maj i opet smo imali uspeha da otkrijemo netaknutu vodu u srcu Francuske. Oskudne informacije nas nisu odvratile da budemo ovde 2 nedelje. Nismo jos uhvatili onog -NAJVEĆEG-,ali stotinak zabacivanja i uhvaćenih riba je povećavalo tenziju za NJIM.Adrenalin i zabava.Neverovatna lokacija u netaknutoj prirodi.daleko od savremenika,savrršeno ribolovno putovanje.Samo tri lepe Holandjanke su pošle našim putem.....

Novi prijatelji,Novi dogadjaji

Na nesreću, šanse za ulovom na divljoj vodi su male,јеr ima puno žbunja u vodi,ljiljana,trave,u neposrednoj blizini obale.Riba se eponašala jako agresivno, divlje i svako vadjenje ribe je bio pravi izazov. Spektakl vadjenja je trajao minut,radost i tuga je kratko trajala.Riba je bila neverovatna, mi smo bili blizu jedan drugog pa smo sve mogli videti,kako je vadimo ili kako je gubimo.

Hvala za dobro vreme u Francuskoj

Vreme je bilo divno.Dogadjaj mi je sve dao što ribolov može dati.Nadam se da ću imati još ovakvih putovanja sa mojim prijateljem Matisom. Uskoro, više detaalja u članku.

Sa dobrim mamcem, korak napred

To be at home again there was nothing to feel from the pioneering spirit. No lake, no waters without from jealousy embittered anglers, without needless restrictions, without unknown fish, without farm association. Either I make it there or I have to plan to have a long trip. I wanted to be flexible and spontaneous this year, and forgo an eternal drive after work. So I have decided to aim for two lakes nearby.

First local May fish

Steep sloping bank edges ensure me top places in late spring. Here regularly pull the fish at the depths of 1 to 4 meters along. I feed a stripe from the shallow the edge down into the depth and put down the rig up to 2 to 3 meters. Although I place my baits at a certain depth, I don’t consequently fish in a given depth range. Since I feed the same spot over different depths, I have significantly bigger chances to get those fish to the edge which go round at other depths.

Nothing to warp

Here can be used only small baits, such as half boilies, mini boilies, particles and small pellets. Otherwise it might happen that the bait settles in a lower range or remains lying. As a rig, gripper-lead in combination with a short stiff-rig is recommended.

Fast result

I have often experienced on heavily fished waters that the fish spots where the edge is steep are more careless in case of flat and shallow, and also take the food more comfortably.

Golden June

It is true that June is the most effective month of the year. It is always worth investing most of the time here. Year to year there is the phase that carps behave blindly and have an incredible feeding mood. Those who handle it here at the right time at the right place can achieve his yearly goal within a short time. And this way I could lure out many of the favourites of the waters in a short time.

17 kg without corners and edges

The last and only scaly of the waters

Innovative bait combination

The new Wafters Boilies! My absolute favourite bait. These are perfectly balanced and practically float on the bottom of the waters. Meanwhile the big advantage is that these baits behave like natural food, can be easily absorbed and the carps come toward with more confidence.

New and always voted for each other

Even in combination with a small Pop-Up results a perfect upright snowman effect. With general Bottom-Baits a smaller Pop-Up wouldn’t result a real snowman effect, it would only lie on the side.

Final encore, sticky overspray

...very seldom and the last one of this kind in the lake

The results speak for themselves. Within a short time I can cheat the nicest and biggest fish of the waters.

20,2 kg

100% Natural Ingredients!

Weather in June

Strawberries in the sun, fish on the band! June makes fun, because it is the only month where everything fits together.

...more is impossible here

The round Gold "Fruit & Nut"

I wish you a nice and successful summer and above all much better weather!

Until then,


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