Name: Steve Howard
Date of birth: 25-7-52 - I like symetrical :)            
Marital status: married to Sylvia
Lyndsay (female) Water Company lead scientist
Profession: Retired Environmental Manager – Now: Freelance Angling Journalist and magazine editor/media officer for Angling Spirit (WCC Organisers).
Name of your team: SBS-England
Danny Ormiston
Favourite venue(s): Orellana, Extremadura, Spain and any other big water with big carp!
Personal record: 22.900kg
Favourite rod: Daiwa infintyX
Favourite reel: Daiwa Tournament ss3000
Favourite rig: KISS – ’keep it simple, stupid’
Favourite bait, flavour: Varies according to venue and time of year.
Fishing contest results: Section winner on two occasions in WCC, 5th place overall and third in Team Event in WCC.


I first snatched at the bright shiny lure of angling at the very tender age of 5 when my grandfather bought me a rod and reel for christmas. I caught an eel on that very first occasion and have been an angling fanatic ever since... I have fished for many species of fish in both sea and freshwater, and I caught my first double figure carp at 12 years old, in 1964.

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2012.09.26. 02:43
Hi Steve, how are you,hope everything is ok, congratulations on section winner on WCC 2012.Hello to you from Serbia, Belgrade, Vlada
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